I understand your hesitancy in signing a buyer agreement. While North Carolina requires a written buyer agency agreement, some agents are non-responsive when you are trying to get in touch with them and some agents do not keep you updated with what is on the market.

I make myself very available to my clients and work diligently to find them what they are looking for in the Western North Carolina area. Most of an agents many hours of work are on the back end and go unseen by their clients. The effort of an agent goes far beyond one home presented to a client and one transaction. It is a working relationship that should last a lifetime. While working with a client you get to know them. You watch closely to see what features they like about a home and what they don’t. With each showing and transaction you learn more about their personal tastes and preferences and you store these notes away so that you can be of greater use in the future. It is best to develop a long last relationship with your Realtor. If you do, that agent will prioritize

The majority of agents and firms in the state require a 6 month exclusive buyer agency agreement. I personally do not know of a firm that does require this. If a firm or agent did not, I would question working with them since they are obviously desperate for business and possibly violating their agreement with their firm. Since it is illegal to work with a client that may be working with another Realtor, agents are wary when a client approaches them shortly after working with another agent. A client that doesn’t seem as committed to their agent as the agent is to them can lead to the agent not working as hard on their client’s behalf and ultimately you losing time and money in a transaction.

If you truly feel that another agent can serve you better with your home purchase, I encourage you to start working with that agent now rather than switching later.


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