Ultimately what any property is worth is what someone is willing to pay during current market conditions at the time you’re trying to sell. Simple economics, right? Well, valuating real estate is incredibly tricky and involves a lot of subjective information. A licensed appraiser can provide incredibly accurate information to determine a property value, but what happens when markets are unusually down? For example, in the recent housing crisis home values plummeted. Then they came back. So, did home values plummet or did sales price plummet? The answer is the sales price plummeted.

What can be more accurately determined is the current sales price of the property using algorithms, comparative sales, tax values, current inventory, data from the property such as zoning, quality of the home, market trends, and a few other things.

When listing your property for sale, I will provide advice on what I think is best to meet your goals. Ultimately you are in control because it’s your property. I will work hard to achieve your goals and I hope we can work together to achieve a successful closing.

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