I don’t want to just list your property.
I want to sell it.

When you plan on selling your home, you have two goals in mind: Price, and time.

My goal is to aggressively market your property to qualified buyers and to make sure they see your house in all of it’s glory. I believe every home is a castle and needs to be portrayed in the best possible way. I have a unique set of talents that will get your home sold in a timely manner for the price you want. I have years of experience in sales, photography, web design, and marketing. Actually, I built my own website! Imagine what I can do with your home, land, condo or commercial building. Below are some of my areas of expertise.


Many homeowners and even many real estate agents don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. Staging includes practices from adding curb appeal, to filling those holes in the wall you’ve been meaning to fix, all the way up to renting furniture and getting a professional interior designer to get that “wow” affect when it’s shown to buyers. I’ll work with you to make your house the most appealing to every buyer and help it stand out from other listings.


Real Estate Photos

Professional Photos

Unfortunately, many property photos are just awful. One of the reasons I got into this business is because I took better photos of my properties than others, and I wanted to represent my home in a positive way. There are so many bad real estate photos there are even websites that make fun of them. I don’t want your house to be on there. I have many years of experience in HDR photography, Photoshop, and the use of state of the art camera equipment. I have an attention to detail that is borderline obsessive.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours help buyers see your property from the comfort of their home. In todays markets you want your property to be easily accessible to buyers or they’ll either think you’re trying to hide something or they’ll simply move onto the next house. A virtual tour gets more showings and brings more offers.
Using the internet, media equipment, software, and more, I’ll paint a complete picture of the property you’re selling in an inviting way so we can get more offers.


Open House

Open houses are one of my favorite activities. I love to meet people and open houses are simply inviting to people in the market. It’s a very non-predatory way to showcase your house to prospective buyers. I’ll use directional signage, social medial advertising, flyers, networking, and other forms of marketing to bring in visitors to view your home.

The Internet

I don’t like to brag, but I am an internet wizard. I have a very in depth understand of internet marketing and I know how to use the internet to sell your house. I even built this website. My listings are featured on my home page in addition to being on MLS. I build dedicated listing websites to show your house with more photos, videos, and a longer description than the standard MLS limits. When it comes to the internet, I know how to get your home sold.


I have a large client base at my fingertips and I use great email templates to feature my listings to all of my clients. It’s just another bullet in the gun when it comes to selling your house.

Real Estate Photos


Yes, print media is still around. Let’s work together and figure out the right marketing strategy for your property.


MLS is the multiple listing service. When I add your house to the local MLS it gets sydincated to thousands of websites throughout the country. Not only is it on the MLS and pouplar websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, and others, but it’s also on agent websites with property searches like mine.


Aerial Videography

I get very excited when I get to break out my drone and send it flying around your house and/or land. It’s just fun! Can you believe I can send a robot into the sky and shoot your house in stunning 4k video? I love technology and I’ll use everything at my disposal to make your house look amazing.

Aerial Photography

Not only can I do aerial videogrpahy, but I can also take still shots with my equipment in areas that I and my regular DSLR simply can’t reach. I can get great shots and amazing perspectives with my drone equipment.

Remodling Experience

Not only am I a broker, but I also remodel and maintain homes. When I’m not in a suit I’m in and old t-shirt and jeans repairing one of my properties. This gives me a unique insight to what sellers and buyers want and more importantly how to address problems as they come up. I believe anything on a house can be repaired or replaced. I’ve personally repaired everything in my own investments from foundations to roofs and everything in between. If there’s something broken or out of place at your house, odds are I know how to get it fixed.

In early 2015 in between my transition from Johnson Haynes Real Estate to Closing Tree, I started a handyman company called Shawn Of All Trades.

Don’t worry though. Right now I’m 100% devoted to my real estate clients. I can help you, as a seller, fix problems with your home that would otherwise prevent a sale or keep you from getting top dollar for your property.


Real Estate Photos

Attracting Buyers

I sell houses for homeowners, and I also work as a buyers agent. That means I aggressively market myself to find buyers and we go shopping for property together. What homes do you think I’m going to show my buyers first?


In real estate, image is everything.
Design is a passion of mine that carries into all of my careers. All of my skills have culminated in real estate. Whether I’m making a flyer or producing a video of your home, I strive to make every project better than the last.


Search Engine Optimization

Countless hours have gone into learning about how the internet functions. It’s worth mentioning twice, because search engine optimization is such a large part of what I do to attract buyers. It’s a small part of marketing as a whole, but I could write a novel solely on the subject. I’m in a never ending learning experience to learn about how the major search engine work to rank website, and when I figured out how to incorporate that into my real estate practice sales started to take off. When you use me as a broker you’re dealing with someone who has a fluent understanding of Google, Yahoo, and Bing and how to use that understanding to get you to closing.

Listing Websites

One thing that really sets me apart and that I’m very proud of is my web design ability. I create dedicated listing websites at your properties address dot com, like for example. This has many benefits to getting traffic to your house. I have the ability to add more than 24 photos to the websites, market that dedicated website to prospective buyers independently of the clutter that can happen in MLS, and they look great. I built this website and my firms website along with hundreds of others throughout the years. I use search engine optimization, design, and an expert understanding of the internet to sell your house using these websites.