Why Sell With Me?

Selling your real estate is no easy task. Whether it’s a house, land, condo, town-home, commercial building, or other real property I have the tools, qualifications and experience to get the job done. Buying homes personally taught me what it takes to sell a house. As a buyer, I know what buyers are looking for. For example, I’m still surprised that in the world of technology some homes sit on the market due to poor photography. I’ve spent years perfecting my trade of marketing in other businesses, and when I applied it to real estate sales I truly excelled. Photography, videography and all elements of design are very important to me. I bought a drone just so I could get amazing aerial shots and really cool inside perspectives of homes and show off the spectacular landscapes of Western North Carolina. I have extensive knowledge of the local market and I am involved in real estate with passion every single day. I’m constantly striving to know what buyers want and finding trends that arise from those needs. In addition I offer competitive pricing, a wide variety of listing service packages, and flexible contract terms. Let’s get to closing.

Oh… I almost forgot. I will provide a home warranty that I back myself and I’ll even help you move.

What’s Your Home Worth?

Not sure if this is a good time to sell? Wonder how much you could get for your home? Let me create a comparative market analysis for your home to answer those questions and more. This is a free service with no obligation that I will readily provide.

Marketing Your Home

Selling a home takes a well thought out game plan. Each property is unique and takes skill to find the right buyers. From aerial videography to dedicated listing websites, staging, and more, I have the expertise to get your home sold under your terms.


There are many obstacles and costs associated with selling your home. I know what to do and I know what common pitfalls to avoid when selling your property. I will work diligently with you and the buyers to ensure a smooth transaction.

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Moving Van

Do you need a moving van? When your home closes I’ll assist with the cost of moving, and I I’ll even help you pack and unpack your things. I’ve been helping people move for a long time, so I figured I might as well help my clients.