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Hi, I’m a Realtor in Asheville, NC. My name is Shawn Johnson, and I’m ready to get to work for you. A Realtor is typically defined as a a person who helps facilitate a transaction of land, buildings, homes, or other real property. You may also know this as a real estate agent. A Realtor is actually a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. It’s essentially a trademark that means that I am a real estate agent who complies with a very strict code of ethics and standards of practice. A more detailed description can be found on the NAR website. What is a realtor?

I am a realtor in Asheville, North Carolina. I have been involved in real estate since 2008, when I bought my first property. With a vast amount of experience in buying and selling real estate, I’m ready to work hard for you and your family to help you buy or sell land, condos, homes, or even commercial property. Every realtor in Asheville NC will try hard to get your business. What sets me apart? I specialize in working hard for every one of my clients. Buying or selling a home can be one of the hardest and most stressful things you can go through in your life, but I’m ready to make it one of the best experiences you will ever have. I will almost always answer my phone or I will call you back very quickly. I’m a huge fan of email, and I am usually up until midnight or later responding to my clients. I do not keep normal hours because I believe I have to do whatever it takes to make my clients have the best real estate experience from a realtor in Asheville NC. Not only do I prescribe to a strict code of ethics, I also have a very strict set of personal work ethics that I practice on a daily basis. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the services I provide.

Asheville North Carolina is a vibrant growing city full of life, food, and art. As the city grows so does Asheville’s Real Estate Market. One of the beautiful things about Asheville is the diversity, both in the people flocking to our charming mountain town, and the abundance of activities. With a focus of locally grown food and local businesses, farmers, and small businesses alike flourish in the charming town of Asheville. A small start up restaurant can become famous in a matter of months, assuming they go above and beyond with the quality and taste of their food. Local restaurants like Sunny Point Cafe, Biscuit Head, The Junction, Clingman Cafe, and 12 Bones hold a deep place in the hearts of tourists and locals alike.

With an abundance of local artists, every restaurant and shop have paintings and pottery for sale by local artists, even though they are not technically a gallery. Asheville was named “Number One Small City for Arts in the USA” by AmericanStyle Magazine. Downtown Asheville hosts many expensive art galleries with beautiful, quality art. A new favorite place to view art is the Asheville River Arts District. Also know and RAD. The industrial area was once a rundown side of town. Now, the area is home to 185 artists in over 25 different buildings. In addition, the area has gained in popularity both for residences and tourists alike. The revitalization of the River Arts District is in full swing with buildings being restored and built alike.

If you’re a first time buyer, you may wonder what the term Real Estate really means, and how you can get your hands on some in a growing market place. Real estate is property and consists of land, buildings or improvements on the land, and the natural resources attached to that land, such as crops and mineral rights. Two years ago there was an abundance of available real estate and buyers had a large selection and more property to look at then they knew what to do with. Today, while the market is vibrant and growing, homes get snatched up in the matter of days or weeks. With banks opening up their doors again, first time home buyers and investors alike are lining up at their door to receive a bank loan for their desired property. While several years ago a loan for land and building your own home was impossible to secure, now there are several banks offering the coveted construction loan. That means finding your dream property and having the money to build your dream home, just the way you imagined it.

With places just outside the city like Black Mountain and Weaverville gaining in popularity due to their proximity to Asheville. Other towns are experiences the growth and vibrance in the real estate market that Asheville is. Culinary delights such as the Pork and Pie, and new art galleries have opened up in these smaller towns to support the growth of residences, and the tourists who return year after year to their favorite spots of both Black Mountain and Asheville alike. When you are describing where you want to live and the features you want your property to include, a good REALTOR will know the ins and outs of the area and can often suggest a town just outside the city limits that would not have been on your radar otherwise. That is why a REALTOR is your true key to Asheville NC Real Estate. Not only will they truly understand your needs, make suggestions, and show you the different areas of the town, your REALTOR will show you any real estate that catches your eye, submit the offer for you, and make sure you get to the closing table. With so many aspects to buying a house, make sure you have a great REALTOR on your side to show you the ropes. Attorneys, inspectors, painters, banks, repair estimates, and much much more are key to closing a real estate transaction. Your REALTOR will know who to use and who not to. Make sure to get a good one, and welcome to the Asheville North Carolina Real Estate Market.

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