Real estate in Asheville is on the rise as the city gains popularity. With Asheville boasting many amazing culinary destinations its no surprise that foodies want to move here. Asheville supports local food, businesses, and farmers. This kind of support encourages many to open their own businesses and make their own products to sell to local grocery stores. With a strong sense of community, it is easy to feel at home in Asheville in just a matter of days or weeks.

Living in a town that supports a healthily lifestyle is why many move here. With local yoga studios and many outside activities such as hiking, rafting, swimming, skiing, horse back riding, and much much more, families are seeing the value in a town that has year round activities for the whole family.

While tourism has is place in Asheville and helps to support many local businesses and attractions, the town is set up to support its residence year round with food and entertainment alike. With many local breweries to explore, new restaurants to try, and new mountains to hike, Asheville real estate is a desired commodity.

With popular Asheville real estate spots like Black Mountain and Weaverville that boast their own local restaurants and towns, there is just as much to explore and discover in the areas surrounding Asheville as there is in the heart of downtown. Restaurants like the Pork and Pie in Mars Hill, the Trailhead in Black Mountain, and Stoney Knob Cafe in Weaverville, many Asheville residents make the short 20 minute drive to their favorite restaurant just outside of town.

With the median sale price Asheville real estate on the rise over the last decade, its no surprise that investors and owners alike want a piece of the pie. As more people fall in love with Asheville the prices are sure to rise, as we have already seen. Banks are happily lending again to qualified buyers and the market is opening up. With 100% financing options available for first time home buyers and interest rates at a an all time low, what reason could you have not to buy?

Asheville has always stayed ahead of the curve. Even when much of the country was at a standstill in the real estate market, Asheville managed to keep her head above water. With a coveted steady pace, Asheville real estate has always been a sure bet. Now, real estate is selling so fast you better make that offer to purchase the day you view and find your home. If not, it may be snatched up by someone else just a few short days later. Since you are reading this article, you are already on your way to success in the Asheville real estate market. Just be sure you buy that property before someone else does.

Many buyers are so happy with their Asheville real estate purchase that they are buying an additional home to rent out to the booming Asheville home rental market. Some owners are even renting out their spare bedroom on Airbnb to tourists enjoying the beautiful city year round. Its not just professional investors who can make money in the real estate market anymore. Even first time home buyers are buying a second rental home or renting out their spare bedroom for $100.00 a night. With Asheville real estate a booming success, there is money to be made for everyone, wether you a buying, selling, or renting your home.


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