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CEO and Owner at Closing Tree NC Real Estate Broker

It’s not only my legal obligation to treat all of my clients with loyalty, honesty, respect, and to fulfill my fiduciary obligation as a real estate broker, but I also just love to help people with their real estate transactions. It’s a really awesome feeling to know that I helped someone buy property.

Whether I’m your buyers agent of I’m listing your property, I have your interests in mind at all times. I get a a thrill from helping people achieve their real estate dreams.


Although I don’t sound like it, I grew up in a small town called Weaverville. It’s just north of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Watching the area grow over the last 30 years has been quite the experience. The town has really been on the map lately. From breweries and entrepreneurs to families and people who just love the mountains, people are flocking to Western North Carolina because of unique geography coupled with mountain living.

Volunteer Work

I am currently a volunteer with the Western North Carolina Advocacy League and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Relevant Work History

As an entrepreneur I’ve had a rocky road to get to where I am. I’ve tried every business and job from selling vacuum cleaners on eBay to selling knives door to door. I’m thankful for my failures because they taught me valuable lessons and gave me the experience needed to succeed in my present and future endeavors.

Johnson Haynes Real Estate, Owner

Closing Tree is the second firm I’ve started. The first is Johnson Haynes Real Estate. Although that firm has pretty much been dissolved, it taught me the ins and outs of a real estate brokerage. More importantly it showed me what clients really want in an agent. Seeing the inner workings of a firm made me envision what I ultimately wanted in Closing Tree. Closing Tree is everything I wanted Johnson Haynes Real Estate to be, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, it wasn’t possible at the time.

Shawn Of All Trades

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Shawn Of All Trades is a business I started in late 2014. It started out as an act of desperation when I had a tough financial time in my life, but it ended up being a a vehicle for me to give back to the Asheville community. I used my experiences in remodeling homes to earn a living, and after a short time I decided to give back to the community that helped me get me back on my feet.

I was recently featured on the local news.

I don’t do much of this kind of work these days as I’ve now dedicated myself 100% back into real estate. I can’t even begin to quantify the lessons I learned and the amazing people I met with this business. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities this gave me.

Closing Tree, Owner/Broker

Closing Tree is the way real estate should be. When I first got into real estate, going all the way back to the first buyer agent I used on my first property, I had nothing but questions for why things were the way they were. If 10 years ago you’d ask me north carolina real estatewhat I’d be doing with my life, I honestly would have said I’ll never be in a career involving real estate. I just didn’t understand how the business worked and the perceived status quo for operating a brokerage just seemed like it’s not in any clients best interest. When I met my business partner, Jimmy Gallagher, we immediately hit it off and we started bouncing fresh ideas off of each other.

Closing Tree is the ultimate culmination of my skills, experience and vision involving real estate. I’m very proud of the business I’ve created and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Let’s do this.
NC Broker License #285346

Fully insured and licensed in the state of North Carolina, I work with buyers and sellers to achieve their real estate dreams. Whether it’s a foreclosure deal, commercial property, land, or your dream home, I’m ready to work for you.


To me, I never work a day in my life because I truly love what I do. When I’m not working I take part in a variety of extracurricular. Don’t worry though… I’ll answer the phone when I’m on the trail.

Mountain Biking

SCUBA diving
Krav Maga


Here are my two wonderful dogs, Phoenix and Puppy Dog